Staci C Graham

(916) 412-8072

Riding Lessons

Private and Group lessons for 6+ and older.

Haul-in Welcome

Western or English

Flexible schedule 7 days a week

Partial Lease Programs available


Lesson Horses:

DBA Cachet is Staci's first horse to help her teach lessons. Cachet has had a successful show career in many different events and in 2014 had a beautiful filly named Cossette.


Cachet gets along well with the beginner riders on up to advanced kids. Students have a great time with Cachet while learning to care for these beautiful animals.




Lenita Mia++ is very special horse, and a National Sport Horse Contender. Lenita has been with Horizon Arabians since 2012 and loves to teach all the students at the barn and is well loved by everyone. Lenita makes it very easy to forget your stressful work day.






"I am leasing a horse from Staci at Horizon Arabians. The horse is incredibly versatile, schooled in multiple disciplines, well taken-care-of and just a gorgeous animal. To ride a horse of this quality, I would expect to pay much, much more than I do. I have taken several lessons from Staci and also had the opportunity to observe her giving lessons to other folks and training other horses. She is patient with both human and animal and shares her knowledge generously. Her training style is gentle but she still manages to be straightforward and honest. Lastly, the vibes at the barn are super relaxed and friendly. I felt right at home there from day one. If you are a rider of any level or interested in getting started, call Staci! A++" ~ Janelle S. from San Francisco